Derwenthorpe Study Tour: Stirling Developments explore the new Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust development of attractive, affordable, eco-friendly family homes.

Design Workshop

Peter's team explore Broomhall during Stirling Developments' two-day Broomhall Design Workshop.

Big Sur

California Study Tour: Peter Stirling admiring the handcrafted magic of Big Sur Inn.

Neutra House

California Study Tour: Neil Beswick studying a Richard Neutra House.

Stahl House

California Study Tour: Pierre Koenig's Stahl House.

Inside the Stahl House

California Study Tour: Peter and Neil with the current owner of the Stahl House.

Bailey House

California Study Tour: Case study 21.

Study Tours

We love any excuse to go on study tours and look at good examples of place-making and architectural design.

The success of a masterplan is quantified by how it eventually functions as a place. It's important for the evolving masterplan and future design principles to consider ideas from elsewhere. Visiting a development and walking around informs much more than looking at plans. Design and good place-making continually evolves and it's important to keep looking for inspiration and improvements.