Peter and Jan

Peter Stirling receiving words of wisdom on place-making from Jan Gehl.

Peter with Design students

Stirling Developments has sponsored several student design competitions in their quest for creative input. Here, Peter Stirling provides on-site information to Edinburgh design students.

Masterplanning on site (Duncan, Neil)

Stirling Developments regularly walk and explore their development sites. Here, Duncan Whatmore and Neil Beswick discuss new ideas on site at Broomhall.

Broomhall Design Workshop

Peter Stirling sketching ideas at a two day design workshop for our Broomhall development.

Respect the Land

To create a successful master plan, it is imperative to have a complete understanding of the site and its context.  We endeavour to find a site's DNA, history and heritage in order to establish an authentic identity for our future developments.

We believe that, in taking time to walk the site in different seasons of the year, getting a feel for the place, sketching design ideas and plans on site - we develop a better understanding of the land. It takes an investment of time and passion to tune into a site, to understand what it can become and how it should be designed. We want to develop in harmony with the surrounding environment. 

Open to Good Ideas

Creating a successful blue print for a large development is not an easy task. While Stirling Developments has expertise in masterplanning, architecture, engineering and project delivery - we choose to include a wide range of other professionals and individuals  in our projects. Exposing our projects to the talent and experience of others improves their quality and ensures they benefit from maximum creativity and consideration.

We understand the role that extensive public consultation can play in creating developments that deliver for everyone and foster a strong sense of community. Stirling Developments recognises the importance of listening to, and learning from, the local community. Our development plans have absorbed ideas and solutions sourced from local people.

Happy Communities

We believe our developments should create positive energy, with everyone connected to them benefiting.  Throughout the life of a project there are always options and choices to be made, we focus on what's best longterm. Stirling Developments will endeavour to do what's best for the evolving new community and invest in the optimum longterm solutions

One of our fundamental goals is to establish happy communities.  We want people to sense they have arrived at a welcoming and friendly place.  We believe in creating meaningful public realm that encourages residents to participate in life outside the home, connecting and interacting with others.  The framework and design of our projects will be 'open' rather than 'closed', welcoming and friendly.